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Flash-Card Mixology

Welcome to Flash-Card Mixology. We're going to create a hundred fun & popular drink Flash-Cards and put them into the famous Flash-Card Mania algorithm. Then, you can learn them all in no time flat! Please support our Kickstarter project so we can create them for you! In the meantime, you can test out Flash-Card Mixology with the five Flash-Cards we have prepared. Just click the button above to start!

Flash-Card Mixology is part of the Flash-Card Mania project, which helps you learn lots of cool things. It's growing quickly. Join the fun by registering a Flash-Card domain about something you're interested in. Raise money on a crowd-sourcing site to create your content & earn money when people utilize your Flash-Cards. Contact us to learn more!

Flash-Card News!

Our Flash-Card News is the best way to keep up on the world. It's the cornerstone of the Flash-Card Mania project that people are starting to talk about. Submit a news item and you'll get a free seven day subscription!